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An opportunity for Professional Gamers:

Our company is aiming to recruit our own in house paid professional team. They will be paid a full time salary, receive advanced training not available anywhere else, and eventually represent our brand around the world at tournaments and events. We want you to consider applying to joining our pro team. It would start with a boot-camp to prove your abilities and test your potential. Following a three month training period we would select our team and the winners will receive an extensive package of support including a full-time salary and role within our company. If you want to go from great to superstar and also inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Please apply here

Some detail:

Qualifying day

We host you for a full day, competing head to head with other pro’s in a London gaming centre. Lunch and snacks included. We will be conducting interviews on camera as well as live gaming footage to be recorded on the day. Meet some of your support team and here in detail what the Playershub team will be doing for the next three months.
1:1 online coaching-take one on one lessons with a pro or a coach and up your game immediately.These are personalised lessons where you can ask the pro anything gaming related.

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